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Yo-tronics Technology Co., Ltd., the team is from YOGA Enterprise Group, specializing in the manufacture of acoustic equipment OEM and ODM products. The manufacturing business includes condenser microphones, dynamic microphones, high-end headphones, planar magnetic headphones, blue-tooth headset, in-ear phones, ANC headphones, gooseneck microphones, musical instrument microphones, DSLR camera microphones, paging microphones, and audio accessories. Yo-tronics complies with EU CE, SONY GP, RoHs, Reach and D&B Certification.

2.4 GHz

Yo-tronics | Professional Headphones and Microphone Audio OEM, ODM ensures all of our 2.4 GHz is affordable and priced competitively with other similar products on the market. 2.4 GHz is committed to quality, innovation, and service through our knowledgeable team that is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. Yo-tronics | Professional Headphones and Microphone Audio OEM, ODM is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Microphones in Taiwan. We promise to provide quality products to our customers in a timely manner and at a competitive price. Please contact us if you are searching for 2.4 GHz, we will reply to you as soon as we can.


MEMS Wireless Microphones SET

What is MEMS Microphone?
MEMS microphone stands for "Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems" microphone. It is a miniature electronic device used to receive and convert sound signals into electrical signals. MEMS refers to the integration of tiny mechanical components with electronic elements.

Unlike traditional microphones that use larger vibrating diaphragms, MEMS microphones are designed to be much smaller, typically only a few millimeters in size. This miniaturization makes MEMS microphones highly suitable for various consumer electronic products and applications, such as smartphones, headphones, voice assistants, environmental monitoring, and medical devices.

The working principle of MEMS microphones is based on the mechanical motion of tiny components. When sound waves reach the microphone, they cause the tiny mechanical elements to vibrate. These vibrations modify the capacitance inside the microphone, generating electrical signals. After appropriate processing, these electrical signals can be converted into familiar sound signals, making them ideal for voice communication and audio recording applications.

Compared to traditional microphones, MEMS microphones offer advantages such as lower power consumption, higher sensitivity, and better noise suppression capabilities. These features make them perform exceptionally well, especially in applications that require high-quality audio input.

In summary, MEMS microphones are a miniaturized microphone technology that converts sound into electrical signals through tiny mechanical components. Due to their excellent performance and wide range of applications, MEMS microphones have become essential components in modern consumer electronic products.

GEMINI is the first MEMS wireless microphone developed and designed by the Yo-tronics team
And this team will continue to work on the science of wireless microphones and miniature radios and make recording equipment more advanced.


Portable 2.4G Wireless Microphones SET

This wireless system provides best solution for professional recording or performance.
Upgrading normal wired microphone set to be wireless working process.
With rechargeable lithium battery, long-term use, easy to pair and not easy to disconnect.


Camera -Mount Wireless Omni Microphone System

The 2.4G wireless system is a product designed for multi-applications, for small groups like tour guides, class rooms, museums or worship at home.
All our 2.4 GHz are manufactured from high-quality materials and tested to the highest specifications to maximize the quality of our customers. Yo-tronics | Professional Headphones and Microphone Audio OEM, ODM test our products on various quality parameters to ensure the quality of our products. Besides this, through offering products competitive prices and adhering to the on-time delivery schedule, we have developed a healthy business relationship with our variegated clients. If you are looking for suppliers and long-term mutually beneficial partnerships, our company is ready to offer 2.4 GHz.