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2020 Taipei Taiwantrade Online Event


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「2020台北市線上經貿拓銷團」助企業一次搞定多國商機 2020 Taipei City Online Economic and Trade Promotion

2020 Taipei City Online Economic and Trade Promotion In 2020, the world is facing the pandemic of COVID-19 . More than 80 countries have implemented border control measures. Various events and activities have been suspended. In order to assist foreign trade companies in this city to continue to expand overseas markets when the alarm bell is not lifted, Taipei The Bureau of Industrial Development of the Municipal Government will now call for the "2020 Taipei City Online Economic and Trade Promotion Group", which will enable companies to develop unlimited overseas business opportunities without going abroad through a zero-contact online sales group.

The "2020 Taipei City Online Economic and Trade Promotion Group" solicits the participation of manufacturers in the city’s telecommunications, medical and biotechnology, e-commerce, green industries, smart machinery (automation equipment, machine tools and related parts, accessories, etc.), food and other advantageous industries to provide Three major service orientations, the "Video Purchasing Matching Club" will invite potential buyers such as local importers, agents, traders or members of industrial associations to conduct one-to-one video connection with participating manufacturers, breaking through the time and place restrictions, and immediately adjust Participate to help manufacturers create at least US$30 million in multi-national business opportunities; "Product Image Video Zone" will assist participating manufacturers to shoot 2.5-minute product image videos with Chinese and English subtitles to improve the accuracy of foreign buyers' invitations; The "Digital Group Book Special Zone" will collect business operation content and product introduction information, and compile them into an online catalog, so that orders are uninterrupted!

Yo-tronics participated in the third Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia region procurement online meeting and received great feedback. Hope that the post-epidemic era can still provide the world's best services and products!


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