DSLR Microphone
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DSLR Microphone X-Y Stereo


DSLR X-Y stereo condenser Microphone

EM-228 is a uni-directional directivity condenser microphone for camcorder.
It can be used on any camecorder with a hotshoe, also on recent DSLRs with HD video recording function.
X-Y stereo Microphone technology allows you to capture the clarity and clarity of the sound source in the center in a wide environment. The left and right topics of the 90-degree angled stereo condenser microphone are set on the same axis, ensuring the left and right channels The sound source distance is the same, eliminating the phase difference, so that we can get a good stereo recording effect and accurate sound positioning.
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Type condenser
  • High quality stereo microphone for X-Y stereo recording
  • Plug-in power method/LR44 battery (with built-in automatic power supply change circuit).
  • 0.4m lead cable w/90 degree 3.5mm plug.
  • Camera hot shoe adaptor.
Sensitivity -65dB±3dB (0 dB=1V/µ bar, at 1KHz)
Impedance 1.5k ohm at 1kHz
Directivity Uni-directional
Frequency Response 50Hz~18kHz
Power Requirements Plug-in power(LR44 battery)
Safety/Quality Approvals