Paging Microphone
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Two-way intercom microphone with monitoring

YTM-GN3022 is a new design product for better gooseneck microphone and base control.
This two way window intercom microphone base power supply is DC 12V/ 500mA.
It can be use on ticket booth, reception ,information center, conference system, church, broadcasting.
And also can application for bank, post office, cashier desk ,railway station, stock-exchange.
Yo-tronics is a headphone ,and microphone supplier, manufacturers in Taiwan.
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  • For ticket booths, bank counters, reception desks, restaurants and others

  • Outside Speaker built-in condenser microphone

  • 0cm-20cm distance to speaker/microphone will achieve a better result

  • 2M cable length between base stand and speaker enclosure

  • With monitoring funtion
  • Specification
    Inside Microphone Base Power Supply DC 12V/500mA
    Inside Speaker Power 8Ω , 3W
    Outside Speaker Power 8Ω , 3W
    Base Sensitivity 50dB
    Frequency Response 50Hz-12kHz

    Safety/Quality Approvals