Quality Technique
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Quality Assurance

Materia; testing standard:MID-SID 105E,Level 2
Hazardous substnace 100% analyzed by XRF spectronmemeter
Continuous assurance testing :reliability test,damage test,life cycle testand funtional tests.
Major equipment are periodcally calibrated and software updated for accuracy, such as XRF,cable flexiblity,salt water spraying chamber,temperature and humidity machine,drop test,vibration test,standard light booth....and so on.
Certicates:CEFCC,ISO 9001,ISO-14001 and so on.
Quality assurance process: IQC>IPQC>QA>FQC
Quality reports are periodically tracked down to assure impovements.
Attended quality assurance classes and events: QCC,FMEA,8M....and so on.

Factory introduction and Ability

Our factory has been identified reliable part of our production.

The Environment Principle

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Yo-tronics deeply realized that the environment production is the human common responsibility, so we paid high attention on the environment protection.

We have our own organization which mainly focus on the environment protection, through our effort, we only saved the resource, saved our cost, but also protected the environment.

We obeyed every environment protection law and regulation, among all procedures, such as production, sale, we never use any source which can pollute the nvironment and we also have very strict regulation on the other resources.

We did many investigations and studies, and try to avoid any materiais which will pollute the environment. In the design process, we did the evaluation for the environment, and try to produce the products which is not harm to our environment. We also try to improve our management ability through our inner checking and management.

Improve the consciousness of staff, and develop more talents to administrate the environment, we also actively support and attend any activities which related to environment protection.

All materiais must be according to the requirement of RoHs, and all nocuousness material must not to exceed below standard.

Cd < 100ppm
Pb < 1000ppm
Hg < 1000ppm
Cr6+ < 1000ppm
PBB < 1000ppm
PBDE < 1000ppm
DIBP < 1000 ppm
DEHP < 1000ppm
DBP < 1000 ppm
BBP < 1000 ppm