Amplifier / Adapter
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PSA-1000 only weights 35g


Personal Sound Amplifier

This product is wearable electronic products that are intended to amplify sounds for people who are not d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing.
it is intended to be used by people with normal hearing who want to amplify sounds in certain environments, such as to watch television without disturbing other people nearby, or bird watching. PSAPs may help people hear things that are at low volume or at a distance, but they should not be mistaken for, or used as substitutes for, approved hearing aids as they are not designed to help a person manage their hearing loss.
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PSA-1000 Amplifier
Directivity Omni-Directional
Input Noise <30 dB
Max.Voice Gain <35 dB
Max.Voice Output <112dB
Operation Current <180mA
Operation Voltage 1.5V
Weight 35g
Color Black,White

PSA-1000 Headphones
Earphone Stereo 
Sensitivity 105dB
Max.inout Power 30mW
AC Impdance 32 ohm
Weight 15g

Safety/Quality Approvals