Paging Microphone
Paging microphone with swing control


Paging Microphone with swing control

YTM-PA316 is a desktop Paging Microphone with 3 steps swing control.
This Paging Microphone is a specialized microphone used primarily in large public spaces or commercial environments for broadcasting systems and public announcement systems. Its design aims to provide clear, articulate, and high-quality voice transmission to effectively address a wide audience for announcements and notifications.
YTM-PA316 find utility in various settings such as shopping malls, schools, hospitals, airports, and conference centers. They serve not only for announcements but also for emergency alarm systems or collective command and control. Whether it is to enhance security, improve information dissemination, or provide convenient broadcasting functionality, Paging Microphones are essential and effective tools.
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High Sensitivity: These microphones possess high sensitivity, allowing them to capture subtle nuances of sound and ensure accurate and clear voice signals.

Broadcasting Capability: Paging Microphones are typically connected to broadcasting systems, enabling the transmission of audio signals to the broadcasting system for announcements to the entire venue or specific areas.

Control and Adjustment Functions: These microphones often come with volume control and adjustment features, allowing operators to fine-tune the output volume as per the requirements for optimal listening in different environments.

Flexible Dynamic Microphone: Some Paging Microphones employ a flexible dynamic microphone design, enabling users to conveniently adjust the angle and position of the microphone to optimize sound reception.

Broadcast Priority: Certain Paging Microphones offer different broadcast priority settings, allowing for prioritized handling of different notifications or alerts, ensuring prompt and clear delivery of critical information.

Durability: Considering that these microphones are frequently used in public spaces, they typically feature a durable design and structure capable of withstanding prolonged and frequent use.
type Dynamic
Sensitivity -50dB±3dB (0 dB=1V/PA, at 1KHz)
Impedance 600Ω ± 30 % at 1000Hz
Frequency Response 50Hz~18kHz
Directivity Uni-Directional
Weight 780g
Cable XLR
Safety/Quality Approvals