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Yo-tronics Technology Co., Ltd., the team is from YOGA Enterprise Group, specializing in the manufacture of acoustic equipment OEM and ODM products. The manufacturing business includes condenser microphones, dynamic microphones, high-end headphones, planar magnetic headphones, blue-tooth headset, in-ear phones, ANC headphones, gooseneck microphones, musical instrument microphones, DSLR camera microphones, paging microphones, and audio accessories. Yo-tronics complies with EU CE, SONY GP, RoHs, Reach and D&B Certification.

Amplifier / Adapter

Welcome to our website! Yo-tronics | Professional Headphones and Microphone Audio OEM, ODM is a leading provider of Amplifier / Adapter and performance products and is recognized throughout the electronic supplies industries for its complete selection, superior customer care, and fast delivery. We are committed to offering you the finest Amplifier / Adapter at great prices while providing exceptional customer service. We have comprehensive experience in developing and providing high-class Accessories for many industries. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our Amplifier / Adapter after referring to our homepage.


Phantom Power Adapter

YTA-BPC1 BPC-2 BPC-3 are both mini XLR connector for your microphone and an XLR connector .
It also can be use for DSLR microphone .


1 Channels Headphones Amplifier with Combo jack

1. Exceptional Sound Quality: Less sound distortion, lack of clarity, poor audio quality, or noise issues, YTA-HA101 ensures you won't face these troubles.
2. Dual Mode Mono/Stereo: YTA-HA101 allows you to switch between Mono and Stereo modes based on your requirements.
3. Enhanced Battery Compartment Design: The upgraded battery cover ensures that batteries remain securely in place during performances and rehearsals.
4. Durable Belt Clip Design: The reinforced belt clip provides safety and stability for performers, even during energetic movements.


Microphone Table Base with Switch

This table base has a rebound switch to control the Power ON/OFF,
Beautifully designed, compact, zinc die-cast base. 3-pin XLR connections (male/female), completely mounted.
The lock switch can make the base and the microphone tightly and not loose.


Personal Sound Amplifier

This product is wearable electronic products that are intended to amplify sounds for people who are not d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing.
it is intended to be used by people with normal hearing who want to amplify sounds in certain environments, such as to watch television without disturbing other people nearby, or bird watching. PSAPs may help people hear things that are at low volume or at a distance, but they should not be mistaken for, or used as substitutes for, approved hearing aids as they are not designed to help a person manage their hearing loss.


Mobile Headphone Amplifier

Portable headphones amplifier is design with lithium battery and using with mobile.


HiFi Cable with 4.4 MM Balanced Male

.Length: 3M , this cable is made with the OCC Wire, Silver Plated cable, Headphone Extension Cords,
.Connector: 4.4mm Balanced Male plug type

As one of the world-leading Amplifier / Adapter manufacturers, Yo-tronics | Professional Headphones and Microphone Audio OEM, ODM has gained many international approvals. Yo-tronics | Professional Headphones and Microphone Audio OEM, ODM is focused on providing real-world resonant Amplifier / Adapter solutions to the market. We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our customers by offering high-quality products as well as prompt and reliable services. Because we are one of electronic supplies company that we can provide the best Amplifier / Adapter for our customers. We have a strong R&D team, so that we can design specific Amplifier / Adapter to satisfy customers' requirements.