Hi-Res Headphones
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YTH-2300 Semi-Open Headphones


Hi Res Semi-Open Headphones

YTH-2300 is a high fidelity semi-open headphones strike a balance between the other two types.
This headphones designed with mostly closed-back in appearance but still show parts of the internal headphone elements. Therefore, there is some movement of air through the earcups.
YTH-2300 Semi-open headphones have both the advantages of openback and the advantages of closedback headphones
Reduce listening experience because the relationship between the closed field cannot make people feel the surround sound.
At the same time, this headphone design headphone 3.5 jack is made of copper with gold-plated design, the socket noise is reduced, so that users do not interfere with listening to music.
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Features water transfer earcup
Driver unit 52mm
Sensitivity 100dB ± 3dB (0 dB =1V/µ bar, at 1KHz)
Impedance 40Ω ± 15%
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 45KHz
Color Red
Safety/Quality Approvals
CE, RoHs