Handheld & Instrument Microphone
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Drum Microphone


Instrument Microphone

YTM-712 Introduction
Drum miking is the process of capturing the sound of drums using microphones. It is an essential part of recording and amplifying drums in live performances. By properly miking the drum kit, you can achieve a balanced and full sound that captures the nuances and dynamics of the drummer's performance.
Here are some important considerations and techniques for miking drums:
Attach dynamic microphones to the rim of each tom-tom, angled slightly towards the center of the drumhead.
Adjust the microphone placement to capture the desired balance between attack and resonance.
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type Condenser
Sensitivity -47dB ± 3dB (0dB=1v/Pa,at 1KHz )
Impedance 380ohm ± 30%
Directivity Uni-directional
Frequency Response 50Hz~18KHz
Standard operation Voltage DC 9V-52V
Net Weight 140 ±5g only microphone
Color Black
Accessories A3F cable and Phantom Power 9V-52V adapter

Safety/Quality Approvals