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MEMS Wireless Microphones SET

What is MEMS Microphone?
MEMS microphone stands for "Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems" microphone. It is a miniature electronic device used to receive and convert sound signals into electrical signals. MEMS refers to the integration of tiny mechanical components with electronic elements.

Unlike traditional microphones that use larger vibrating diaphragms, MEMS microphones are designed to be much smaller, typically only a few millimeters in size. This miniaturization makes MEMS microphones highly suitable for various consumer electronic products and applications, such as smartphones, headphones, voice assistants, environmental monitoring, and medical devices.

The working principle of MEMS microphones is based on the mechanical motion of tiny components. When sound waves reach the microphone, they cause the tiny mechanical elements to vibrate. These vibrations modify the capacitance inside the microphone, generating electrical signals. After appropriate processing, these electrical signals can be converted into familiar sound signals, making them ideal for voice communication and audio recording applications.

Compared to traditional microphones, MEMS microphones offer advantages such as lower power consumption, higher sensitivity, and better noise suppression capabilities. These features make them perform exceptionally well, especially in applications that require high-quality audio input.

In summary, MEMS microphones are a miniaturized microphone technology that converts sound into electrical signals through tiny mechanical components. Due to their excellent performance and wide range of applications, MEMS microphones have become essential components in modern consumer electronic products.

GEMINI is the first MEMS wireless microphone developed and designed by the Yo-tronics team
And this team will continue to work on the science of wireless microphones and miniature radios and make recording equipment more advanced.

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The "GEMINI MEMS Wireless Microphone Set" features a unique dual MEMS microphone design. Each set includes a Gemini microphone, which contains two high-quality MEMS microphones. This means you can use one Gemini microphone individually for recording, video recording, listening to music, and answering calls. When the two Gemini microphones are connected through TWS (True Wireless Stereo) pairing, you not only get a two-way communication capability but also enjoy a higher quality recording and video recording experience with more detailed and clearer sound.

‧ Noise-Cancelling Function: One of the microphones in the MEMS microphone set is specially designed for noise-cancelling. This microphone effectively reduces background noise interference, ensuring your recordings are cleaner and more professional.

‧ Versatile Applications: This microphone is not only suitable for recording and video recording but also perfect for enjoying music and answering phone calls. With a simple press of the switch button, you can switch between different functions conveniently and efficiently.

Exquisite Design: The set showcases a stylish design with matte black and matte silver finishes, featuring orange buttons for power on/off and matte gray buttons for volume control and sound adjustments. The elegant and comfortable design exudes high quality and modernity, making it suitable for both work and leisure occasions.
Microphone builded 2 MEMS Microphone (Talk & Noise cancelling)
BT Chipset QCC3034
Power Supply Li-poly Battery/3.7V 110m*1
Antenna PCB Antenna
Signal Output 3.5mm jack
Trans Distance 40m
Accessories Type C Connector cable
Dimension 58.5x21x15mm

Safety/Quality Approvals
CE,Rohs, FCC